In Service to Florida’s Licensees

This will be my last Chair’s Corner article. While I still have three more years left in my term, I am stepping down as Chair so as to make way for a new Chair; two years as Chair were more than enough.  I will continue to serve on the board and contribute to its many ongoing projects, including the delivery of information regarding digital and electronic signing and sealing, and the evaluation of the FBPE’s engineering CEU provider program.

The FBPE’s mission is to protect the health and safety of the public by properly regulating the practice of engineering while serving its licensees and guarding against the unlicensed practice of engineering.  I firmly believe in that mission and can assure you that all of the board members that currently serve you are also committed to that mission.  However, to fulfill that mission and to properly serve Florida’s licensed engineers, the FBPE needs your help.

The board does not have the ability to go out and find all of those who are threatening the safety and welfare of the public by offering engineering services when not properly licensed or qualified.  So, when you come across that individual or that entity that isn’t properly licensed and is providing engineering to the public, you need to let the board know.  Or, when you come across that individual or entity that is licensed and is threatening the public’s safety through negligent or incompetent engineering, you need to let the board know.  In addition, it is every licensees’ responsibility to remind the board that it exists to protect the public and serve its licensees.

If you would like to verify the status of an engineer or engineering company’s license, and whether or not they have been  previously disciplined, go to

Current disciplinary cases are posted on FBPE’s website at  Included in this section of the website are all current active cases in which final action has been taken by the board, a brief description of the licensee’s violation and discipline, as well as a link to the final order.

If you feel that a licensee, firm or individual has violated the provisions of law outlined in Chapter 455, F.S., Chapter 471, F.S., and Chapter 61G-15, F.A.C., file a complaint with the board.  You can read more about the complaint process and download a complaint form by going to the Complaints page under the Legal section of FBPE’s website at

Any member of the public may request information about disciplinary or enforcement actions.  All information, records, and transcriptions regarding such actions are available to the public for inspection or copying except information that is otherwise confidential or exempt from Section 119.07(1), F.S., when the investigation ceases to be active, when probable cause has been found, or when a case is closed by the Probable Cause Panel or FEMC.  If you would like to request public case information on a professional engineer or firm, please send an email to, or go to the Public Records page under the Legal section of FBPE’s website at

I wish to thank the board members and the staff for their support over the last two years.