The Change of Status Application allows you to change the status of your Professional Engineer license in several ways.

While filling out the application, please check the appropriate box in the “Select the Action Requested” section.

Please note the corresponding fee and submit it at the same time as your application. See the gray box at right for payment types accepted by FBPE.


If you are a Florida licensee with an inactive license, you may apply to change your license status back to active at any time, provided you meet the requirements for active status, pay the application fee and any other applicable licensure or reactivation fees. You must report to the Board any action taken against a license that you hold in any jurisdiction since your last renewal.

In addition, you will be required to show proof that you have completed the 18 hours of continuing education if you hold a Florida license only. If you hold a license and practice engineering in another state, you will be required to verify continuous licensure in that state and complete one hour of Florida laws and rules continuing education.

If you are also renewing a delinquent license, the $123.75 fee includes a $25.00 delinquent fee and the $5.00 unlicensed activity fee.


If you are a Florida licensed engineer and are not currently practicing engineering in this state, but you do not want to retire your license, you can apply to change the status of your PE license from “active” to “inactive.” You must report to the Board any action taken against a license that you hold in any jurisdiction since your last renewal.

Once you are granted inactive status, you will still be required to pay the renewal fee for each biennium that your license is inactive. You will not be required to take any continuing education hours.

If you are also renewing a delinquent license, the $123.75 fee includes a $25.00 delinquent fee and the $5.00 unlicensed activity fee.


To reinstate a void Florida PE license, you must submit the Change of Status Application, fees, proof of satisfaction of any discipline imposed against the void license, and either:

  • Proof of licensure in good standing in another state or territory and of active practice of engineering; or
  • Proof of completion of 36 hours of continuing education¸ including two hours of professional ethics and one hour of Florida laws and rules. With the exception of the one hour of Florida laws and rules, which can be taken online, the remaining 35 hours must be in person; online and distance learning will not be accepted.


As a Florida licensed professional engineer if you are no longer actively practicing engineering, you can apply to retire your license. Retiring your license means that you are willing to relinquish your license, not renew, and that you will refrain from practicing engineering and using your seal.

To retire your license, you must complete the Application for Retired Status (below) and submit to FBPE for Board approval. All applications for Retired Status must be approved by the Board. This requires that your name be placed on the Retired Status List on the Board agenda at each Board meeting. The Board meets in February, April, June, August, October, and December. Applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the Board meeting. The Board meeting dates can be found on the Calendar under Meetings and Agenda section of this website. During the renewal process, if you submit your Retired Status Application after Jan. 15, your license will show delinquent until the application is approved at the next Board meeting. Once you have been approved and your license is officially in a retired status, your licensure record will be updated to reflect “PE, Retired.” Retired licensees can refer to themselves as “Professional Engineer, Retired” or “PE, Retired,” but cannot engage in any engineering practice.

Should you decide to return to active practice, you will need to complete and submit a new application for licensure under the Florida licensing requirements in effect at the time you apply. Note: Your previously held PE number cannot be reinstated once retired. If your new application for licensure is approved, a new PE license number will be issued.

You can mail the completed form to FBPE, 2639 N Monroe St., Suite B-112, Tallahassee, FL 32303-4064, email it to, or fax it to (850) 521-0521.

If you are unsure about retiring your license, you may consider requesting to have your license made inactive. If you have questions related to either of these processes, please contact the Board office at (850) 521-0500, ext. 114.



At MyNCEES, users can register for exams, download/purchase exam prep materials, apply for an NCEES Record, request license and exam verifications, track CPC, or have their credentials evaluated. To request verification from NCEES directly, log into MyNCEES, and click on “License verification” or “Exam verification” from the “Common Tasks” shown on the dashboard screen.


To request licensure verification with FBPE:

  • Download FBPE’s Verification of Licensure form if one was not provided by the state of application.
  • Complete Name, Certificate/License Number, and Name and Address of State requesting the record of verification (the “To” section).
  • Mail the form to our office at:

Florida Board of Professional Engineers
Attention: Verifications
2639 N Monroe St., Suite B-112
Tallahassee, FL 32303

  • FBPE will complete the form from our records and forward to the state to which you are currently making an application. Please provide an addressed envelope to forward the completed verification form to the state of application.
  • There is no fee for an FBPE verification.

If you have any questions, please contact the Board office at (850) 521-0500, ext. 116.


If you are a Florida certified Engineer Intern or licensed Professional Engineer, and need a duplicate or replacement wall certificate, complete the order form below and submit it to FBPE for processing. The fee for ordering a replacement or duplicate certificate is $25.00.

Please allow four to six weeks for processing, printing, and mailing of the wall certificate. If you have any questions, please contact the Board office at (850) 521-0500.

Note: Open the PDF files using Adobe Reader, rather than your web browser, for the interactive forms to work properly.


Application and licensure fees are set by Rule 61G15-24.001, Florida Administrative Code. Fees are non-refundable except where noted. FBPE only accepts checks and money orders. They must be made payable to FBPE in the exact amount. No credit cards or cash are accepted.

Please contact the Board office for clarification of the licensure process before submitting an application. You may risk a loss of fees if your application is filed in error or is untimely filed.