Florida Professional Engineer license illustrationCongratulations on becoming licensed as a Professional Engineer in Florida.

You may be asking, “What now?” This page will help answer that question, whether you are a first-time licensee or held a PE license in another state before becoming licensed here.

Your License and Wall Certificate

Your PE license and a wallet card are emailed to you as a PDF file, which you will need to print, after you have been issued a license number and requested your license at myfloridalicense.com. See our How Do I Print My License page for step-by-step instructions on requesting and printing your PE license.

FBPE cannot provide you with a printed PE license, and licenses cannot be mailed to you.

You may request a printable PE license and wallet card at any time from your myfloridalicense.com account. See our How Do I Print My License page for step-by-step instructions.

New Florida licensees will be mailed a wall certificate within six to eight weeks of being issued a license number. The certificates are for display purposes only and are not your license.

If you would like a duplicate wall certificate, you can download an order form and find out about payments on the Change of Status & Other FBPE Applications page.

Renewing Your License

Licenses for Professional Engineers in Florida expire on Feb. 28 of every odd-numbered year (2023, 2025, etc.). The renewal window opens in early November preceding the expiration date.

At least 90 days prior to the expiration date shown on your license, a notice of renewal will be sent to the email address associated with your myfloridalicense.com account. You must keep your email address and other contact information up to date so that the Board can communicate with you regarding your PE license. (See Section 455.275(1), Florida Statutes.)

Maintaining Your Licensure Records

Whenever your contact information changes it is your responsibility to update your licensure record. The licensee or qualifying engineer must notify the Board of any change of vital information, such as name, mailing address, email address, or employer, or for PE in responsible charge for a firm. This information should be provided within 30 days of when the change occurs to ensure proper delivery of licensure correspondence and uninterrupted Board service. (See Section 455.275(1), Florida Statutes.)

To submit your changes, complete the Change Contact Information form located under the Licensure section of our website, or email the new information to board@fbpe.org. When emailing your request to update your record, you must include your full name, license number, and old and new address, phone number and email.

Advanced Building Code Course

Prior to participating in the design of engineering projects covered by the Florida Building Code, you must complete an Advanced Building Code course and provide a copy of your completion certificate to the Board in order to have a “Special Qualifications” designation added to your licensure record, pursuant to Section 471.0195, Florida Statutes.

In order for the designation to be added to your licensing information, you must forward the certificate you receive for completing the Advanced Building Code course to Wendy Anderson at wanderson@fbpe.org. Upon receipt, it will be added to your record so that building departments will be able to verify its completion.

A list of Florida-approved course providers is available under the Continuing Education section of our website. The good news is that the FBC course counts toward your continuing education requirements.

Continuing Education

You must complete 18 hours of continuing education by the end of the biennial license renewal period, which is Feb. 28 of each odd-numbered year. The required hours are:

  • One hour of Florida Laws & Rules from a Board-approved laws & rules provider;
  • One hour of professional ethics;
  • Four hours related to your area of practice; and
  • 12 hours of general engineering education

PEs licensed in Florida must retain completion and attendance certificates for continuing education for at least two licensure cycles, or four years.

PEs who take the Advanced Building Code course must report completion of the course to the Board.

NCEES provides a continuing professional competency (CPC) program to track and report your continuing education requirements across multiple states in which you are licensed.

The CPC program provides a side-by-side tracking of CE requirements and renewal periods for each state. Your information can be electronically transmitted to each state licensing board during a renewal period.

NCEES CPC tracking is a free program.

Seals Acceptable to the Board

Example of a Florida licensed Professional Engineer's sealIn Florida, you can use several types of seals. You can use an embossing seal, a wet seal (rubber stamp) or a digitally created (CAD, .pdf, .jpeg, .gif) seal on final engineering documents. Seals must be a minimum of 1-7/8 inches in diameter. At right is an example of a licensed Florida Professional Engineer’s seal.

Please read our tutorial on Signing and Sealing Engineering Documents in the Legal section of this website.

For information related to digital signing and sealing, see Rule 61G15-23.004, Florida Administrative Code.

For information related to electronic signing and sealing, see Rule 61G15-23.005, F.A.C.

The Board does not provide nor sell any types of seals, and cannot recommend vendors of seals. A web search will turn up a list of vendors of engineering seals.

Engineering Businesses

If you wish to set up an engineering practice in Florida, you may use your given name as the name of the business, such as C.S. Hammatt, PE, without having to register your business.

If you wish to call your engineering business by any other name, such as C.S. Hammett & Associates, you must register the business with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation and have that business qualified by a Florida licensed Professional Engineer. Please see Registering Your Engineering Firm for step-by-step instructions on registering your engineering business and adding a qualifying agent.

Engineering Rules of Responsibility

All Florida licensed Professional Engineers should become familiar with and adhere to the Rules of Responsibility Common to All Engineers as spelled out in Rules 61G15-30, Florida Administrative Code.

Additional Rules of Responsibility for Professional Engineers practicing in the following disciplines are included in the Florida Administrative Code:

NCEES Records

NCEES Records program provides Professional Engineers with an easy way to complete the licensure process in multiple states. The Records program stores college transcripts, exam results, employment verifications, and professional references.

NCEES reviews your materials and, after your record is established, electronically submits them directly to the licensing board on your behalf. This saves time and simplifies the application process when you need to practice in multiple states and territories.

The Records program is free to set up and maintain. Fees are charged each time you transmit your record to a state licensing board: NCEES provides a discount after your initial transmittal.

You can find more details regarding licensure, renewal, legal matters, continuing education, and more under the corresponding sections of the FBPE website, or by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the upper right of this page and searching. If you still have questions, please contact us at board@fbpe.org.