Florida statutes require that PEs licensed in the state keep their contact information up to date with the Board. This includes your email address, mailing address, and place of practice. (See Section 455.275(1), Florida Statutes.)

You can update your contact information in the licensure portal by following these steps. Or, you can fill out the Change Contact Information form below. (There is no need to do both.)

If your name has changed, please submit a Duplicate Certificate/Name Change Form along with the required documentation. There is no charge for only a name change.

* Indicates required fields, but you need to tell us more than that. For changed email or telephone information, please fill out both old and new fields.

  • For verification purposes only; contact information will not be updated without submitting this.
    (You may also log into the licensure portal at myfloridalicense.com and change your contact information there.)
  • What Is Changing?

    Please fill out both old and new fields below only for contact information that is changing.
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