Licensure renewal for the 2015-2017 biennium for Florida engineers and engineering companies officially ended February 28, 2015.

If you did not renew during this last renewal period, you will have to pay the $98.75 renewal fee plus a $100.00 delinquent fee to renew your license. If you have not renewed your license within the last two renewal cycles your license became “Null and Void” on February 28, 2015. You can verify the status of your license at prior to contacting the Board office at 850-521-0500 for assistance in re-applying for licensure in Florida.

If you hold a Certificate of Authorization (COA) for your company, be sure to check the status on DBPR’s website, If the professional engineer who qualifies the company renewed his or her license AFTERpayment was made to renew the COA, the certificate WILL NOT RENEW. The licensing program has a sequel rule that requires the PE to renew before the COA can renew. Again, check your status online and contact our office at 850-521-0500, ext. 110 if the COA is not renewed.

Renewal for the 2015-2017 biennium will be available on-line only. Should you have circumstances that will prevent you from renewing your license on-line, you can contact the Board office at (850) 521-0500, ext. 113 to obtain instruction on how you can renew your license.


The qualifying engineer must renew his or her license before the Certificate of Authorization can be renewed.

In order to place your license inactive during the current renewal period, you must provide evidence for eight (8) hours of continuing education during the prior renewal period (2013-2015) and pay the renewal fee. You may then request for your license to be placed inactive. Be sure you have read and understand the requirements of Rule 61G15-22.001, FAC, regarding activating your license before your request an inactive status.

You are required to have your social security number in the database in order to set up your account. If the number in database is incorrect, the system will not allow you to set up your account. If you experience any problems, please call the Board office at (850) 521-0500 and select “Renewal” to speak to a representative.

Any CE hours taken after February 28, 2015 will result in a result $100 delinquent fee and your license being placed in a delinquent status until the additional fee is paid.