Engineering Rules book illustrationChapter 61G15, Florida Administrative Code, contains the rules that govern the practice of engineering in Florida. The rules are adopted by the Florida Board of Professional Engineering based on Chapter 471, Florida Statutes, Engineering.

The rules are regularly reviewed and updated by the Board.

The latest changes, as of May 27, 2024, include:

  • 61G15‐22.012 Obligations of Continuing Education Providers
  • 61G15‐24.001 Schedule of Fees
  • 61G15‐30.006 Delegation of Engineering Documents: Obligations of the Delegated Engineer of Record

Changes in the following rules pertained only to the rule’s sunset clause:

  • 61G15‐19.0071 Citations
  • 61G15‐19.008 Confidentiality of Investigations
  • 61G15‐35.0021 Definitions
  • 61G15‐35.003 Qualification Program for Special Inspectors of Threshold Buildings and Special Inspectors of Threshold Buildings (Limited)

Changes are highlighted in the PDF available under the Legal section of our website.