Kenneth Todd, incoming Chair

Kenneth Todd, incoming Chair


The Florida Board of Professional Engineers celebrated a century of existence this past year. In my first order of business as the Board’s new Chair, I would like to thank the previous Chair, Anthony Fiorillo, for the outstanding job he did in leading FBPE through its 100th year.

Tony and I were both appointed to FBPE at the same time in January 2012, and he has shown great dedication throughout his time on the Board, having chaired and served on numerous committees addressing important issues that engineers face daily. His dedication and managerial skills were very apparent as he executed the duties of Board Chair for the good of the engineering profession.

Thank you, Tony, for a job well done.

FBPE has come a long way since it first met in 1917. In its first century, FBPE had numerous accomplishments. However, its most noted accomplishment is that it established rules that regulate the practice of engineering to protect the public health and safety as set forth by the Legislature in Chapter 471, Florida Statutes. As part of these rules, it also set up a licensing procedure to ensure engineers are qualified to practice engineering as defined in the rules, and developed an examination to establish an applicant for licensure is competent to practice engineering with Florida.

So, what will the next 100 years bring for engineers and FBPE?

Well, we have seen many technological advances within just the past 30 years or so that change the way engineers practice engineering. Our profession has seen the development of software that generates construction drawings via computer, the development of computer modeling software that shortens the time needed to accomplish laborious engineering calculations, and new products due to engineering research that make it easier for a constructed project to accomplish the goals of the engineering design. We will continue to see many more technological advances throughout the remainder of this century, and I have no doubt the engineering community will continue to keep up with these advances.

One of the challenges for all licensed engineers, with all of the coming technological advances, is to make sure they have the necessary amount of engineering training. One way is to take appropriate continuing education courses that will allow them to use these technological advances to provide engineering services that protect the public health and safety. FBPE is committed to doing its part in developing rules that provide an environment for licensed engineers to do just that.

Together, FBPE and Florida licensees can ensure our profession keeps up with coming technological advances.

Best wishes for 2018.

About the Author

Kenneth Todd is a licensed Professional Engineer in Florida. He currently works as water resource manager for Palm Beach County and is responsible for coordinating water-resource efforts with county department and other government agencies. Mr. Todd is serving his second term on the Florida Board of Professional Engineers and is Board Chair for 2017-18.