NCEES Honors Florida PE for Service

Raymond Jones Jr., PE, of University Park, Fla., has been awarded the NCEES Distinguished Examination Service Award for his dedicated service to NCEES and the engineering profession.


What Is the ‘Industrial Exemption’?

While Florida Statute 471 states that Florida’s Legislature deems it necessary in the interest of public health and safety to regulate the practice of engineering in Florida, there exist licensure exemptions for those whose practices fits within certain categories…

Disciplinary Actions

Latest Engineer Disciplinary Actions

Under Rule 61G15-37.001(11), F.A.C., the Florida Engineers Management Corporation is required to post all Final Orders involving active disciplinary cases to the website until the terms of the final order are completed, or until the licensee becomes inactive, retires, relinquishes the license, or permits the license to become null and void. …