Case No. 2016007629

Respondent was charged with violations Sections 455.228(1), 471.031(1)(a), and 471.038(5), Florida Statutes – unlawful practice of engineering through a business entity.  Respondent does not and has never possessed a Certificate of Authorization by the Board.  Respondent’s web page contained a statement of services provided by Respondent which states that “Sota is a full service professional engineering firm working on residential and corporate projects…”  Respondent was issued a Notice to Cease and Desist.  Respondent failed to respond to the complaint and failed to move the offer of engineering services on its website.

Ruling: The case was presented to the full Board upon a Settlement Stipulation.  The Board imposed Administrative Costs of $585.90.  It should be noted that Sota Engineers and General Contractors, LLC also agreed to cease offering engineering services.  Final Order was issued on 6/26/17.

Violation: Sections 455.228(1), 471.031(1)(a), and 471.038(5), Florida Statutes