pdf-iconPE No. 77318 (Old PE No. 39579)
Case No. 90-12725

Licensee was charged with the negligence in the practice of engineering, a violation of Section 471.033(1)(g), Florida Statutes. Licensee was hired to provide engineering services that included planning, permitting and construction of a residential subdivision. Licensee notified the client that the project was prepared for roads and drainage systems and the water transmission; however, there were no proper DEP permits for storm water discharge or proper approval of construction plans.

Ruling: The Board approved a Settlement Stipulation imposing an Administrative Fine of $2,000, required the Licensee to voluntarily place his license in an “Inactive Status” with the condition that if he ever chose to reactivate his license, the following would apply: Appearance before the Board, two (2) years’ Probation with terms, terms include four (4) Project Reviews, a Board-approved course in Engineering Professionalism and Ethics and completion of the Study Guide. A Final Order was issued on 8/28/95. Licensee allowed his Florida PE license to become Null & Void on 9/7/10 without completing the terms of the Settlement Stipulation and applied for licensure by endorsement on 9/12/13. Please note that the Licensee appeared before the Board at the December 2013 Board Meeting. During that meeting, the Board allowed Licensee to obtain a new Florida PE license, with the following terms: Licensee shall complete the terms of the previous Final Order.

Violation: Section 471.033(1)(g), Florida Statutes