US-UK cooperation

From the Executive Director: Strengthening Ties With the U.K.

As part of a discussion about recognizing U.K. engineering licenses in the United States, a delegation of U.S. engineering board officials had the opportunity to meet with U.K. Engineering Council members and learn more about the United Kingdom’s engineering sector and licensure process.

An illustration of experience, showing a head with gears, light bulb, and wrench

Chair’s Corner: Easing Experience Rules for Graduate Students

Five years ago, the state’s professional licensing boards were asked to review their rules and make necessary changes to “keep Florida on a trajectory toward continued prosperity.” As part of this review, FBPE has revised its rule regarding experience equivalence that can be counted while earning a graduate engineering degree on a part-time basis while working full-time.

Email alert

Look Out for Spam Emails That Appear to Be From FBPE

Please be aware of spam emails being sent to Professional Engineers and engineering firms that appear to have been sent from the Florida Board of Professional Engineers. This email was not sent by FBPE, and should be deleted immediately.


Congratulations, Examinees

FBPE applauds everyone who passed NCEES exams in the previous quarter. We wish them much success as they move toward the next step in their engineering careers.

Disciplinary Actions

Latest Engineer Disciplinary Actions

Under Rule 61G15-37.001(11), F.A.C., the Florida Engineers Management Corporation is required to post all Final Orders involving active disciplinary cases to the website until the terms of the final order are completed, or until the licensee becomes inactive, retires, relinquishes the license, or permits the license to become null and void. …