Professional Engineer licensure renewalAre you prepared to renew your Florida Professional Engineer license later this year?

The renewal window opens in November 2024 and closes on Feb. 28, 2025.

Here are four things you can do today to make sure your renewal goes smoothly.

Log Into the Licensure Portal

Head over to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s website,, log into your account, and confirm that your PE license is linked to your account.

If it isn’t, follow the instructions on our PE License Renewal: Step-by-Step page to link your PE license.

You will need access to your account to renew your PE license, as well as to request a printable copy of your license. If you discover that you have misplaced your password or that your account or license is associated with a different email address, contact the Board at (850) 521-0500 for assistance.

Update Your Contact Information

While you are logged into your account, check that your contact information is current.

Florida statutes require that PEs licensed in the state keep their contact information up to date with the Board. This includes your email address, mailing address, and place of practice. Notify the Board of any changes within 30 days so that the Board may contact you if necessary. (See Section 455.275(1), Florida Statutes.)

You can update your contact information in the licensure portal by following these steps. Or, you can fill out the Change Contact Information form on our website. (You don’t need to do both.)

If you aren’t receiving emails from FBPE, including the quarterly Connection newsletter, you may have unsubscribed. Visit our Resubscribe to FBPE Emails page to fill out and submit the form to ensure that you receive important information regarding your Florida PE license.

Complete Your Continuing Education

You must have completed 18 hours of continuing education by the time the next licensure renewal period closes, at midnight Feb. 28, 2025. You have less than a year left to do that.

Keep in mind that of those 18 hours, one hour must relate to the Florida laws and rules of Professional Engineers from a Board-approved provider, and one hour must relate to professional ethics. Four hours must relate to area of practice. The remaining 12 hours may be related to any topic pertinent to the practice of engineering.

Continuing-education providers must give you an individual certificate of attendance for each course. You must retain those documents to demonstrate completion of CE requirements for at least two licensure cycles, or four years.

During the licensure renewal process, you must affirm that you have completed or will complete the 18-hours of continuing education prior to the licensure renewal deadline.

Beginning this biennium, you will be required to submit to the Board documentation to prove you have completed all CE requirements (see below). In addition, if you failed to demonstrate CE compliance in the previous renewal period, you will be examined for compliance in the current renewal cycle. If you reactivated a void Florida PE license during the previous renewal cycle, you will also be reviewed for compliance during the current renewal period.

Professional Engineers who fail to produce documentation showing CE compliance when required face potential disciplinary action under paragraph 61G15-19.001(6)(s), Florida Administrative Code.

Start Reporting Your Continuing Education

Beginning with this renewal period, PEs licensed in Florida must use the NCEES CPC Tracking system to report their continuing education.

Because too many PEs were failing the continuing-education audit, everyone is now required to report their continuing education.

If you registered with NCEES for an exam or created an NCEES Record account anytime since October 2010, you already have an NCEES account. If you don’t have a free NCEES account, you will need to create one.

We have step-by-step instructions on our website that will help you set up a free NCEES account and begin uploading your CE documentation.

As you complete your CE courses, start uploading your documents to your NCEES CPC Tracking account, but do not send your CE report to FBPE until after you have completed all of your continuing education courses.

FBPE to start verifying completion once renewal closes.

Only Florida laws and rules course results will be directly reported by CE providers. Log into your account at to confirm that it shows you have completed your Florida laws and rules course. If it does not, please contact your course’s provider.

Taking care of these four items now will prepare you for the upcoming license renewal period.