On Oct. 1, 2019, new rules affecting Certificates of Authorization will go into effect in Florida.

As a result, all current and active Certificate of Authorization holders will be transferred to a new, free registry. Rules regarding the changes are still being finalized, but FBPE anticipates that CAs will automatically be moved to the registry, with no action necessary on the holder’s part.

The new law changes Section 471.023, Florida Statutes. It replaces the existing Certificates of Authorization for engineering firms with a registry. Engineering firms will no longer be required to apply for a Certificate of Authorization and pay a fee. Instead, firms must register their business with the Board and be qualified by a Professional Engineer licensed in Florida.

Rather than renewing a CA every two years, the qualifying engineer of a firm must notify the Board within 30 days of any changes to information in the firm’s initial registration application.

Also, a qualifying engineer who leaves an engineering firm must notify FBPE within 24 hours. If the qualifying engineer was the only qualifying agent for the business, the firm may no longer provide engineering services in Florida and must be qualified by another qualifying engineer within 60 days if it wishes to resume offering engineering services. The Florida Engineers Management Corporation or the Board may authorize a temporary qualifying engineer for no more than 60 days in order to proceed with incomplete contracts.

A qualifying engineer must notify FBPE in writing before engaging in the practice of engineering in the licensee’s name or in affiliation with a different engineering firm.

The shift from CA to registration also applies to out-of-state firms seeking to temporarily perform engineering services in Florida, as reflected in changes to Section 471.021, F.S.

FBPE will be updating our website after changes to the rules in Chapter 61G15, Florida Administrative Code, have been finalized. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding CAs or the forthcoming registry of Qualified Business Organizations, please contact Katherine Anderson at (850) 521-0500, ext. 110, or kanderson@fbpe.org.