PE No. 66753 – REVOKED

Case No. 2018031733

Pedro Flaquer, PE, was charged with violating Section 471.033(1)(d), Florida Statutes; being convicted or found guilty of, or entering a plea or nolo contendere to, regardless of adjudication, a crime in any jurisdiction which directly relates to the practice of engineering or the ability to practice engineering; Sections 471.033(1)(a) and 455.227(1)(t), Florida Statutes; failing to report in writing to the board within 30 days after the licensee is convicted or found guilty of a crime in any jurisdiction; Section 471.033(1)(c), Florida Statutes; having a license to practice engineering acted against by the licensing authority of another state; Sections 455.227(1)(h) and 471.033(1)(b), Florida Statutes; obtaining a license to practice a profession by fraudulent misrepresentation. Mr. Flaquer pled guilty to bribery on May 22, 2003. Mr. Flaquer failed to report the plea or conviction of guilt to the Board. The State of New York charged Mr. Flaquer regarding the conviction and Mr. Flaquer relinquished his license as a result of those charges. Mr. Flaquer applied for licensure by endorsement in Florida in 2007. At the time of application, Mr. Flaquer answered “No” to the question on the application that asked: “Have you ever been convicted or found guilty of a crime in any jurisdiction?” Mr. Flaquer was aware of the conviction at the time of his application and failed to disclose the information. Mr. Flaquer was granted licensure based upon a fraudulent application.

Ruling: This case was presented to the full Board upon a Motion for Determination that Respondent Forfeited his Right to an Administrative Hearing. The Board imposed a REVOCATION of Mr. Flaquer’s Professional Engineer license. Final Order was issued on Feb. 27, 2020.

Violation: Section 471.033(1)(d), Florida Statutes; Sections 471.033(1)(a) and 455.227(1)(t), F.S.; Section 471.033(1)(c), F.S.; and Sections 455.227(1)(h) and 471.033(1)(b), F.S.