pdf-iconPE No. 53326
Case No. 2014030707

Licensee was charged with violating Section 471.033(1)(g), Florida Statutes and Rule 61G15-19.001(4), Florida Administrative Code; negligence in the practice of engineering. Licensee signed, sealed, and dated engineering drawings for a duplex which were submitted to the Building Department. The project drawings included Structural drawings, Mechanical drawings and Electrical drawings and these drawings contained various deficiencies. The deficiencies include, but are not limited to, the drawings contain an electrical riser diagram, but no short circuit values, and no voltage drop calculations for the feeders and customer-owned service conductors, no surge protective devices, no lighting fixture performance specifications, the Mechanical drawings do not state any codes, rules or ordinances with which the HVAC system must comply, the drawings do not contain adequate information for the AHJ to determine compliance with codes and ordinances, the Plumbing drawings do not state any codes, rules or ordinances with which the Plumbing systems must comply, the equipment scheduled are not included in the drawings, the Structural drawings do not include any railing details for the second floor adjacent to the stair opening, they do not include the impact resistance requirements for the windows, they do not include roof draining details, etc.

Ruling: The case was presented to the full Board based upon a Settlement Stipulation. The Board imposed an Administrative Fine of $4,000, Costs of $4,930.40, Appearance Before the Board, a Reprimand, Probation which includes a Board-approved course in Engineering Professionalism and Ethics, the Board’s Study Guide and project review at six (6) and eighteen (18) months to include electrical, mechanical, plumbing and structural review. A Final Order was issued on October 14, 2015.

Violation: Section 471.033(1)(g), F.S. and Rule 61G15-19.001(4), F.A.C.