FEMC Annual Report 2021The Florida Engineers Management Corporation produces an annual report as required by Section 471.038, Florida Statutes.

The report is submitted to the Secretary of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, the Florida Board of Professional Engineers, and the Florida Legislature by Oct. 1 each year. It reports on the status of the corporation, including information concerning FEMC programs and funding, as well as information regarding licenses and complaints handled by FEMC.

Below are some highlights from the Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2020-21 (July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021):

32 – Number of meetings administered for the FBPE Board and committees
42,372 – Average number of licensees and others receiving FBPE’s Connection newsletter each quarter
256,900 – Approximate number of users of the FBPE website, a 145-percent increase from FY19-20 and a 126-percent increase from FY18-19 (the previous license renewal period)
1,250 – Approximate number of engineering students, interns, and professionals reached by 6 virtual and 1 in-person outreach presentations to discuss engineering exams and licensure at universities and companies/organizations (with travel limited by the COVID-19 pandemic)


38,057 – Professional Engineer licenses renewed
4,120 – Applications received for PE licensure
2,741 – Applications for PE licensure approved
204 – Applications for PE licensure denied
655 – Certifications issued for Special Inspectors of threshold-type buildings
59.52 – Days on average to issue a license
789 – Examinees passed the October 2020 NCEES Principles & Practice of Engineering exam (paper/pencil & CBT); 496 failed the exam; and 43 did not show to take the exam
463 – Examinees passed the April 2021 NCEES Principles & Practice of Engineering exam (paper/pencil & CBT); 467 failed the exam; and 20 did not show to take the exam
1,366 – Examinees passed the NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering exam (CBT) in FY20-21; and 1,100 failed the exam


231 – Complaints regarding engineering practice processed, of which 137 were found to be legally sufficient
$103,265.23 – Fines and Costs imposed
68 – Administrative Complaints filed in cases where the Probable Cause Panel found reason to believe a violation of the Florida Engineering Practice Act had occurred
88 – Final Orders issued against Professional Engineers
1 – Case tried before an administrative judge at the Division of Administrative Hearings
43 – Cases dismissed with a finding of no probable cause
25 – Cases dismissed with a letter of guidance
0 – Licenses revoked
3 – Voluntary Licensure Relinquishments
3 – Licenses suspended
3 – Licenses restricted
16 – Reprimands issued
4 – Probations issued
3 – Project reviews
48 – Engineers ordered to successfully complete course in Engineering Professionalism and Ethics
76 – Engineers ordered to successfully complete the Board’s Study Guide on Laws and Rules

In addition to FEMC Annual Reports, copies of FEMC’s Quarterly Reports are also available online.