pdf-iconPE 54207 & ABW Engineering CA 30332
Case Nos. 2013019830 & 2013019832

Licensee was charged with violating Sections 471.023 and 471.033(1)(i), Florida Statutes. From March 2009 through June 2013, ABW Engineering had a delinquent Certificate of Authorization. The Certificate of Authorization was reactivated on June 10, 2013. Licensee offered engineering services through ABW Engineering from March 2009 through June 2013.

Ruling: The case was presented to the full Board based upon a Recommended Order of the Division of Administrative Hearings. The Board imposed a Reprimand and an Administrative Fine of $5,000. Upon separate Order Assessing Costs, the Board imposed Costs of $1,292.15. A Final Order was issued on November 4, 2014.

Violation: Sections 471.023 and 471.033(1)(i), Florida Statutes