It has come to FBPE’s attention that many, if not all, engineers licensed in Florida recently received an email requesting that you participate in a survey.  FBPE did not sanction or endorse this request. However, we would like to address below any concerns you may have regarding this email.

Because Florida has a broad public records access law, licensure information for applicants, professional engineers, and certificate of authorization holders is readily available from the Board to anybody making a request. The Board has no ability to refuse to provide such information or to limit its use once provided. Therefore, if you receive solicitations from entities that state that some of the information contained therein was received “from the Board,” it is most likely that the data was obtained pursuant to a public records request. There is nothing false about such a statement. Of course, if a solicitation states that it has Board approval, when none has been given, then the solicitation may be false or fraudulent, and you should notify the Board. In short, while it may be disconcerting to licensees, there is nothing the Board can do to restrict the legitimate use of public record material that has been provided to persons or business entities upon request.

Please free to contact us at should you have any questions or concerns about correspondence or communications you may receive concerning your Florida license.