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The information presented on this page was originally published in January 2023 and is outdated. Please see Continuing Education Requirements for more information. This article remains online under Florida Sunshine laws.

Continuing educationSome Professional Engineers licensed in Florida are exempt from requirements that they complete 18 hours of continuing education by Feb. 28, 2023, but you must meet both of these conditions:

If you do not meet both conditions, you must complete all the required continuing-education hours by the deadline to renew your license at midnight Feb. 28, 2023.

During the current renewal period, you will be asked to answer two attestation questions regarding continuing education. If you meet the exemption conditions, you should select “Exam” from the dropdown menu for each. (See steps 24 and 25 in our step-by-step renewal instructions.)

Also, meeting these conditions for the current biennium does not exempt you from continuing-education requirements when you renew your PE license for 2027.

You can find out more by reading Rule 61G15-22.009, Florida Administration CodeExemptions From Continuing Education Requirements.

After each license renewal period, PEs licensed in Florida may be subject to a random audit to confirm that they have completed their required continuing education. If you are selected for the continuing-education audit, you will be notified at the email address listed in your license record. Please be sure to check your contact information when you renew your license and make any necessary changes to your physical address, email address, and telephone number. If you are unable to update that information, please call the Board at (850) 521-0500.