Final OrderRAM GOEL, PE

Case No. 2016014130

Licensee was charged with violating Section 471.033(1)(g), Florida Statutes; negligence in the practice of engineering. Licensee signed, dated, and sealed materially deficient final engineering design documents for seven pool screen enclosures.

Ruling: The case was presented to the full Board upon a Settlement Stipulation. The Board imposed a Reprimand; costs of $4,770.55; an administrative fine of $3,500; appearance before the Board; probation with terms. The terms include completion of a Board-approved course in advanced engineering professionalism and ethics, project review at six and 18 months, and completion of the Board’s Study Guide. Final Order was filed on April 19, 2018. On Nov. 16, 2021, the Board modified the Final Order to permanently restrict Mr. Goel from practicing in the engineering disciplines of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, and also terminate his probation.

Violation: Section 471.033(1)(g), Florida Statutes