The seventh edition of the Florida Building Code went into effect Dec. 31, 2020, and this has caused some confusion for Professional Engineers who are actively participating in the design of engineering works related to the Code.

PEs whose work involves the design of elements of structures and systems covered by the Florida Building Code must take an advanced building code course before submitting final engineering documents to building departments or other agencies having jurisdiction.

Pursuant to Rule 61G15-22.001(3), Florida Administrative Code, PEs must complete a course on the seventh edition by Dec. 31, 2021, and provide the Board with a certificate of completion. After that date, the Board may take administrative action for failure to complete the course.

The Board recommends that all licensees actively participating in the design of engineering works related to the Florida Building Code (as described in Section 471.0195, Florida Statutes) complete the course as soon as practicable and prior to submitting design documents that relate to engineering works regulated by the FBC.

You must provide the Board with a copy of the completion certificate that shows the course number, course hours, Code edition year, and Code or course focus so that your record can be updated. Certificates can be emailed to FBPE at cedesk@fbpe.org. Remember to include your full name and license number when emailing your certificate to the Board.

The Board will be reviewing Rule 61G15-22.001(3) to clarify the language in the future.