FBPE Department News: Improved and Streamlined FBPE Applications

IMPROVED AND STREAMLINED FBPE APPLICATIONS FBPE is pleased to announce that a number of applications have been revised and are now fillable, PDF applications. The affected applications are: • Initial Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Examination • Endorsement of Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) • Initial Principles and Practice (PE) of Engineering Examination • Endorsement of Licensure

FBPE Committee Updates: CEU Rules Revision Sub-Committee Update No. 1

Throughout the process of reviewing the current Continuing Education Units rule for possible revisions, an update will be provided in the FBPE Quarterly Newsletter to inform all Florida licensed engineers of any possible rule revision. It is the intent of the CEU Rules Revision sub-committee to send a recommendation to the Rules Committee and then to the full FBPE membership sometime this summer.

Building a Solid Foundation: Why Being an Ethical Engineer Matters

While I am not an engineer, I have heard it said that laying the foundation for a building takes up a vast majority of the project time and budget. There is good reason for this: A strong foundation is the key to a sturdy, well-built building. A good engineer knows they have one chance to lay a foundation properly. A great engineer understands that the results of laying an improper foundation can be disastrous, putting the whole project, as well as the public, at risk.

Noteworthy News: FBPE’s Engineering Directories and the Accessibility of Public Information

PUBLIC RECORDS DISCLAIMER: Article I, Section 24 of the Florida Constitution establishes a constitutional right of access to public records made or received in connection with official business, except for records for which a specific exemption exists. Section 119.07, Florida Statutes, effectuates this constitutional right, and ensures that state government is open and transparent, and that the public has access to non-exempt official records and information in its possession. At the same time, both state and federal laws provide exceptions that serve various needs, including the privacy of individuals.