PE No. 24575

Case No. 2017003149

Licensee was charged with violating Section 471.033(1)(g), Florida Statutes; negligence in the practice of engineering and Section 471.033(1)(a), by violating Rule 61G15-23.001(4)(a)1; signing and sealing final engineering documents without placing a title block on each sheet of the drawings. Licensee signed, dated, and sealed engineering design documents for an existing structure. The Electrical Engineering design documents contained material deficiencies. Those deficiencies include, but are not limited to, the drawings contain an electrical riser diagram but no short circuit values and no voltage drop calculations for the feeders and customer-owners service conductors, no receptacle outlets were shown on the drawings which is a violation of NEC 201.63, the drawings show no circuit interrupting devices and fault current capability, and no circuitry for outlets, equipment or devices, no surge protective devices are shown on the drawings, no circuiting for any lighting fixtures, etc.

Ruling: This case was presented to the full Board upon a Settlement Stipulation. The Board imposed Administrative Costs of $2,546.25, a Reprimand, Appearance before the Board, successful completion of the Basic Engineering Professionalism and Ethics course and the Board’s Study Guide. Final Order was issued on June 10, 2019.

Violation: Sections 471.033(1)(g) and 471.033(1)(a), Florida Statutes, and Rule 61G15-23.001(4)(a)1, Florida Administrative Code