FBPE Executive Director Zana Raybon discusses the path to PE licensure to university students.

FBPE Executive Director Zana Raybon discusses the path to PE licensure with university students.

Things are really hopping around the FBPE office. Besides getting back into the swing of outreach by way of face-to-face university presentations, we are also in the middle of licensure renewal.

During the fall semester, FBPE staff had the opportunity to visit Florida State University, Florida A&M University, the University of Florida, the University of West Florida, and the University of North Florida to talk to students about the path to licensure.

As always, it is great to share information with these students about the benefits of licensure and how to become a PE in Florida. It’s even better now that we can visit in person.

If you are part of a university engineering program in Florida and would like to have FBPE present to a class or club on your campus, please reach out to William Lampkin at

As mentioned, we are in the full throes of license renewal, which will continue through Feb. 28, 2023. If you have not renewed your license yet, be sure to log in to your account at Also, check out the article in this newsletter on how to save $10 on your renewal. And, remember to answer all the attestation questions or your license will not renew.

The end of the year almost always brings changes to the Florida Board of Professional Engineers and the Florida Engineers Management Corporation. This year is no different.

In addition to having two of our FBPE board members resign, we also have a new chair and vice chair. We are sad to see C. Kevin Fleming, PE, and Scott Drury, PE, go and will miss their expertise. We wish them both the best. You can read all about them and the new officers here in the newsletter.

In December, Gov. Ron DeSantis reappointed Yassi Myers, PE, and appointed Christopher Dawson, James Gonzalez, and Sam Mousa, PE, to the Board.

We also said goodbye to FEMC director John Stewart, who completed his two full terms on the board of directors. John served as a public member for eight years, and we will miss him, as well. However, we are glad to welcome new FEMC Chair Satya Lory, PE, and new FEMC Vice Chair Safiya Brea, PE. You can read more about them both here.

Speaking of board members, FBPE will still have an open PE seat, which should be filled by an electrical engineer. If you or anyone you know would like to serve, feel free to contact me for more information at

We are also in need of a public member on the FEMC board of directors. Again, if you know anyone who might be a good candidate for the FEMC board of directors, please have them contact Rebecca Sammons at to obtain an application. This seat must be approved by the DBPR Secretary.

Lastly, be sure to catch up on the latest changes to the Florida engineering rules.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season, and the best year ever in 2023.