A simple illustration of a desktop computer displaying an exam on its screen.Following the October pencil-and-paper administration of the PE Structural exam, NCEES completes the transition to computer-based testing for all engineering exams.

The move to CBT signals a major change in the way the PE Structural exam is organized.

The pencil-and-paper PE Structural exam was a two-day exam offered twice a year, once in April and once in October.

Beginning April 1, 2024, the new computer-based exam will consist of four sections. The exam will be offered in:

  • Two breadth sections for vertical forces and lateral forces, which will be available to take year-round; and
  • Two depth sections for vertical forces and lateral forces, which will be offered only in April and October.

Registration for the PE Structural exams opened Nov. 1, 2023. Administrations of the breadth sections will begin April 1, 2024. The April sitting for the depth sections will be Tuesday, April 16, 2024, for the vertical forces, and Wednesday, April 17, 2024, for the lateral forces.

Examinees must successfully complete all four sections of the exam to pass the exam.

Currently, acceptable results must be obtained on both components to pass the PE Structural exam. Examinees who have received acceptable results on one component before the transition to CBT will only have to take and achieve acceptable results on the two sections for the remaining component.

Exams will be administered at Pearson VUE testing centers. Florida applicants can register for and schedule their PE exam directly through their MyNCEES account, as long as they have passed the FE exam. They do not have to register with FBPE first.

For more information, visit the NCEES PE Structural exam page.