NCEES plans to stop offering the Software Engineering discipline for the Principles & Practice of Engineering exam as of April 2019.

Only 81 candidates have requested seating for the Software Engineering discipline exam since it was first offered in April 2013, the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying says. Only 19 have registered for the discipline’s April 2018 exam.

“Per NCEES exam development policy, the Committee on Examination Policy and Procedure is required to review the history of any exam where there have been fewer than 50 total first-time examinees, in two consecutive administrations, from NCEES jurisdictions and provide recommendations to the NCEES Board of Directors concerning the desirability of continuing the examination,” NCEES says.

In January, the committee recommended that the discipline’s exam be discontinued due to poor participation. In February, the NCEES Board of Directors adopted the recommendation.

Since the exam is offered only once a year, the April 2019 session will be the final one for the software engineering discipline.