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The information presented on this page, specifically related to Certificates of Authorization, is outdated. A change in Florida statutes in 2019 did away with Certificates of Authorization, replacing them with a free registry. For more information, please see the Engineering Firms page. This article remains online because of Florida Sunshine laws.

Professional Engineer licensure renewalIt’s a good idea to log in to your DBPR online account at in the next few weeks, before the renewal period starts.

You want to ensure that you can access your account — and troubleshoot any problems that you may encounter — before you are trying to renew your Professional Engineer license or Certificate of Authorization.

Here are some common problems, and their solutions:

You are asked for an activation code. Your activation code is the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN). For those renewing a Certificate of Authorization, the activation code is the last four digits of your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). If you cannot access your account by using this information, contact the Board office at (850) 521-0500.

A message says that your email address is associated with another account. Contact the Board office at (850) 521-0500 to verify the email address on file with your account. If the email associated with your account is no longer valid, we can reset your account so that a new email address can be linked to your record. But you will not be able to use the existing email address again with your account.

You forgot your password. If you attempt to sign into your account and have forgotten your password, select “Forgot My Password.” You will be prompted to “Create a New Password” by answering your security question. After creating a new password, you should be able to access your account.

You forgot the answer to the security question associated with your account. Contact the Board office at (850) 521-0500 or email Once FBPE has retrieved the information, an email will be sent to you with the answer to your security question. However, it may take up to 24 hours to process your request. If you are sending a request to retrieve your answer, you must include your name, license number, and the email address linked to your account to complete the request.

If you run into any other errors, contact the Board office at (850) 521-0500 for assistance.