PE No. 32578

Case No. 2018053634

George Freijo, PE, was charged with violating Section 471.033(1)(g), Florida Statutes; negligence in the practice of engineering. Mr. Freijo signed, sealed and dated fire alarm system engineering documents which contained material deficiencies. The deficiencies include, but are not limited to, the applicable requirements for acceptance testing is not included, not all room uses/occupancy are identified, survivability of circuits is not defined, the fire ratings are not indicated, etc.

Ruling: The case was presented to the full Board based upon a Settlement Stipulation. The Board imposed an Administrative Fine of $1,000, Costs of $459.35, Appearance before the Board, a Reprimand, and two years’ Probation with terms. Terms include, a Board-approved course in Basic Engineering Professionalism and Ethics, the Board’s Study Guide, and project review at six and 18 months. Final Order was issued on April 20, 2020.

Violation: Section 471.033(1)(g), Florida Statutes