FBPE email exampleYou may have recently received an email that appears to have been sent from the Florida Board of Professional Engineers, had a PDF attachment, and possibly used the subject line “INFORMATION FOR LICENSEE,” “UPDATE FOR LICENSEES,” or “INFORMATION FOR MEMBERS.” This email was not sent by FBPE, and should be deleted immediately.

FBPE does not send out emails or attachments asking for your personal or professional information, or asking for you to verify your information.

Emails sent out by FBPE are formatted to resemble our website (see image at right), and are sent through the email service Constant Contact.

The email you received was likely a phishing attempt, aimed at getting your personal information. These types of emails will often appear to be sent from a familiar email address, such as one at FBPE.org, but the actual return address is completely different and unrelated.

We are looking into the source of the email. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.