Alert iconPlease be aware of spam emails being sent to Professional Engineers and engineering firms that appear to have been sent from the Florida Board of Professional Engineers. This email was not sent by FBPE, and should be deleted immediately.

The emails have a subject line similar to “FEMC-DBPR-Contract Invoice” and appear to have an attached PDF, which is actually a link. Do not click on the PDF link, which will take you to a download page not associated with FBPE.

The email you received was likely a phishing attempt, aimed at getting your personal information, or an attempt to load a virus on your computer. These types of emails will often appear to be sent from a familiar email address, but with a slight variation, in this instance: vs. our actual domain,

If you did click on the PDF, contact your technical support desk or run an anti-virus check.

FBPE does not send out emails with invoices or emails that ask for personal or professional information, or for you to verify your information.

We are looking into the source of the email. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.