Hurricane Irma satellite imageWhile engineers may be needed in the wake of a hurricane, the Florida Board of Professional Engineers is not able to relax its requirements or waive statutory requirements for licensure.

Section 471.021, Florida Statutes, allows for the issuance of a temporary license to practice engineering in Florida. Please be aware that this license is only good for one project for a period not to exceed one year. This same stipulation applies to temporary Certificates of Authorization for engineering firms as well. Applications for licensure in Florida can be found under Endorsement in the Licensure/Application Process section of our website.

Please note: An applicant must go through the exact same process for a temporary license as a permanent license. The only difference in the two licenses is the length of time that the temporary license is valid.

We encourage professional engineers to apply for licensure in an effort to assist in disaster recovery in Florida. To expedite the application process, we recommend that those who do not already have NCEES records, begin the process to establish records. Go to There is no charge to set up a record. The only fee involved is when the record is transmitted to a licensing jurisdiction.

While there is a real need for professional engineers following a disaster, engineers coming into the state to provide engineering services must be licensed in Florida.