For licensees whose practice includes the design of engineering works or systems in connection with buildings, structures, or facilities and systems covered by the Florida Building Code, you will need to complete the advanced course by June 30, 2016 in order to retain the “Special Qualifications” designation on your licensure record, pursuant to Florida Statute 471.0195.

Upon completion of the course you will also need to provide the Board with a copy of the completion certificate that shows the course number, course hours, Code edition year, and Code or course focus so that your record can be updated. Certificates can be emailed to FBPE at or When submitting your certificate to the Board please include your full name and license number in the email.

Due to the number of inquiries FBPE has received regarding the articles published in the October 2015 and April 2016 editions of the quarterly Connection newsletter, please refer to the list below of current Board-approved providers for the advanced building code course. NOTE:  You will have to conduct an internet search to obtain contact and website information for these providers, since only the provider’s address information is available on DBPR’s web portal.  The number and types of courses offered varies from provider to provider, so they will need to be contacted directly to obtain available courses.

AAA Construction
Adcox Group
Boss Construction
Broward Community College
Building Officials and Inspectors Educational Association
Contractors Institute
Engineer Educators
Ezekial Enterprises, LLC
Florida Engineering Society
Florida State University
Gold Coast School of Construction, Inc.
Informational Resources for Professionals
JC Code & Construction Consultants, Inc.
Mike Holt Enterprises
Nodorah Training Institute
PDH Academy
PDH Library
The Media Factor d/b/a
Titan Continuing Education
University of Florida
URS Corp. Training


To read more about this topic, download the October 2015 or April 2016 editions of FBPE’s quarterly Connection newsletter.  Go to the Publications page under the Meetings and Information section or CLICK HERE.

For questions related to this requirement or course providers, send an email to or call the office at 850-521-0500, ext. 113.